Paula Daneze
User Experience/User Interface Designer & Art Director

ENR Mobile Digital Edition | UX/UI Design

ENR Mobile Digital Edition | UX/UI Design

About the Project

Engineering News-Record (ENR) is a weekly magazine that provides news, analysis, data and opinion for the construction industry worldwide. As the Production & Visual Designer of this project I have been producing the digital editions of the magazine to iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and Android phone apps. In April 2017, I created and presented a case study to redesign the mobile digital edition for the ENR app to enhance the user experience and possibly increase users and purchases.


  1. Because of the company budget’s constraints, I use the print pdf version of the magazine and adapt to fit the mobile screen. 

  2. For legibility, users need to zoom each page at 400% 

  3. Using pdfs and 400% zoom increases file size and download time.

User Research & Analytics

I created a survey and got responses of 65 people to find out people’s magazine reading and purchasing habits.


  • 78% of the people who answered the survey read magazines on paper format, 44% read on their phones and 31% on tablets. 

  • 34% of people who reads magazines on paper also read on their phones. 

  • 65% of people who reads magazines on their tablets also read on their phones. 

  • Those who prefer reading on their phones, do it because is convenient and always with them when they need, ideal for when they are commuting. 


  • 53% of users use iPhone and android phones. 

  • 47% of users use iPad and android tablets.


Enhancing the user experience of the ENR mobile digital edition is important because more than half of our users use a mobile device. 
Based on user research, even though users still read magazines on paper and tablets, they also read on their phones because is convenient and always with them.

Build & Design

  • Instead of zooming in users will be able to scroll down to read a story, this will also decrease file size and download time. 

  • Text will be bigger and more legible. 

  • Add popup screens and full screen images to improve user interaction.